Gentlemen, start your worms


The people who run the Indy car series voted Houston out of the running a couple of years ago.

To help us get over that disaster we now turn to Lake Conroe. Yes, the BassMasters Classic is here. This weekend we are told 100,000 of you will surround the lake and watch....get ready...FISHING. You have seen it on TV and now you get to experience it in person. The best fisher people of all time will try to win a $300,000 first prize. I read in the paper a guy said it was "Like the day before Christmas". He must get lots of bait as a gift. I am not downplaying the event since I am also told the area will benefit to the tune of "$20 million". There will be 300 media so take quite a bit out of that $20 million.

If seeing all this at the place Houston gets it's drinking water wasn't enough we will be dazzled by the "weigh in at,  ready...MINUTE MAID PARK. Yep, when the 2pm whistle blows today, the 52 fishermen will stop, put their catches in the livewells and drive the 45 miles south to the ballpark for the "Fishapalooza". My name, not theirs. Ok, the truck and boat convoy alone should screw up traffic no end. The boats and trucks are decked out with sponsor decals and if we didn't know better it looks a lot like a race crew convoy.

Will it end Friday night?  No, there are 2 more days of going after the killer bass. Good thing this doesn't involve Buffalo Bayou. No telling what the guys would be weighing after dragging that thing.