Hilarious father-daughter duo serenade Tony Romo about Houston

Texans fans sing their own lyrics to 'Get Down on It'

HOUSTON – A father and his daughter are try to bring the Cowboys’ Tony Romo to Houston now that he has essentially said goodbye to Dallas.



In a video sent to KPRC, the father-daughter duo, Armand and Regan Hill, decked out in their Texans best, sing their own words to the song “Get Down on It” by Kool & the Gang.

Armand Hill sings, “Come on, Tony down to H-Town! Come on, Tony! Down to H-Town. How you gonna win a big one if you don’t take a chance. Give the Houston Texans a call.”

Armand Hill, of Frisco, Texas, told KPRC he's a die-hard fan, even though people tease him about it. On Wednesday night, he decided to do what he could to "do his part" and keep Romo in Texas. 

"We're just trying to get Tony into town, and he has kids," Hill said. "Riding right down 45 would be the easiest. (His) wife would be happy. Every would be happy. We're looking out for him."

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