Of course he will

The Shell Houston Open will once again have Phil in the field.

As part of pumping up a crowd, the HGA told us yesterday Mr.Mickelson will once again grace us with his presence when the little white balls start flying at The Golf Club of Houston. Phil could use a win as he hasn't had one since 2013.  I am not planning on taking up a collection for him should he not win here. He has career earnings of almost $82 million and probably the same amount in endorsements. He is of course, nicknamed "Lefty" but did you know hitting a golf club left handed is the only thing he does from the port side. Yep, he is a"Righty" is every other thing.

He is very popular and really so in our fair city. We love to hear how much he likes coming to Houston. His wife was treated here for cancer and we know how difficult it was for Phil to get through that terrible experience. He is the guy who signs autographs and poses for pictures and does everything you want a super star to do. He did make headlines in 2014 when the FBI and the SEC (no, not the Southeast Conference) had him involved in possible insider trading. Phil took his lumps and eventually was writing a check to the government like the rest of us.  I was surprised that potential disaster went away so quickly.

I like the guy. I hope he wins and I hope he finally wins his U.S.Open title. The one tourney where he has finished 2nd a record six times. That alone should have told the Feds he didn't have insider info. If he did he would have won that tourney at least once. Maybe twice.