One day at a time

I was listening to the Astros game yesterday. I know. I know. It isn't a real game, but sometimes I WANT TO HEAR someone talk about something other than football. 

I couldn't find the Daytona race on the radio so I TUNED IN to see if the Astros could win at least once. They lost their first game and I was worried they might not win any. They beat the Braves 3-2 and I I AM FEELING MUCH BETTER.

I assume the Oscars and the 500 are both over by now, but I'm not sure. LET ME KNOW if you hear anything. I could check the daily paper but I think their deadline for North Harris County is 4 p.m.

I did manage to hear a short interview on the Astros postgame show. Spring training interviews are the best. The first two weeks we hear from guys we have never heard from before and never will again.

The Braves won't have a perfect spring and I know they are in the dumps after the loss to Houston. Their losing pitcher said he was taking it "one day at a time". I think we all do, but there is also the "one GAME at a time" thing. Count the number of times you hear that before the World Series.

The broadcasters are getting spring reps in too. Things you can count on hearing. Golf references lead the way. "THAT LOOKS LIFE MY GOLF DRIVE"  "Hope we don't go into extra innings, I have an early tee time tomorrow". "You never pick up the dinner check" is another no brainer. In face, no brainers are all over the place each spring. I have to cut this short so I AM TAKING IT ONE LINE AT A TIME. 

Finally, bank this one. A Dominican player will be having problems with his work visa, and he will either be a pitcher or a shortstop.