Spring training fever

The NBA is headed for it's All Star break and baseball begins spring training.

This is February at it's best or perhaps, worst. The All Stars will dazzle in New Orleans. They had better be careful because every Tuesday several people die there according to 'NCIS, NEW ORLEANS".  Since none of the players are Marine or Naval people I guess they will be O.K. I was once a Marine MP at Camp Pendleton. I did see the NCIS people and they didn't appear to do much of any thing. Of course they were called NIS then. Maybe adding the C made some guys or gals go rogue. The Rockets are much improved and of course, James Harden is our guy in New Orleans. I hope he lets the other fellas get off a shot or two.

Spring Training welcomes the position players. I never understood why the pitchers and catchers had to be on site 2 or 3 days earlier than the 14 outfielders or the 25 infielders. Maybe they need extra time to unpack. Spring training in baseball is the best for the players. They workout for 2 hours, hit the lunch truck, and then play golf. On top of that they get paid like crazy. The pretend games won't start for a while as the players have to be reminded of how to hit the cut off man and how to lay down a sacrifice bunt. The later is much more difficult. However, I once had a buddy in college who begged to differ.

The late Mel Patton was a fraternity brother who was a heck of a college baseball player., He got a call from his favorite team for a mid season tryout. The Cards Red Schoendiest was the man in charge. He put Mel in right field and started hitting fungos. Mel threw to the cut off man with every thing he had.  About an hour of this and he was toast. Red looked at the kid and yelled "Now that you're loose, let's see what ya got". Mel didn't get the call.