Who done it?

Just when the city of Houston was being applauded world wide, someone stole a jersey.

Not just any jersey mind you. It was New Jersey. Yep,  just after the Super Bowl ended the state of New Jersey was missing from several U.S. maps. The state of Texas offered to help by sending our Texas Rangers to find the offender or offenders. Let's face it. the baseball players have some free time so all on the 40-man roster offered to look for the missing state. Lt. Governor Patrick was more than eager to help his pal Chris Christie or perhaps the Lt. Governor thought the missing state would help with his projects regarding schools and rest rooms. We may never know.

The other big post game story?  Tom Brady couldn't find his shirt. The one he wore in the game. I suggest looking in the Falcons suitcases. They had the game stolen and must have felt obligated to get something out of the time they spent here. The Texas Rangers were going to help in this deal too because of their success in finding things in Houston. Mostly baseball wins.

Congratulations to all who helped make Houston look good. I heard no complaints except for the usual ones regarding large crowds and high priced tickets. I have called the Rangers to look into those things. I also want to thank my Uncle Al for sending me a BRADY REPLICA JERSEY. It is dirty and smells funny. Al said he had a good time after the game.