Daily Craig: Not Superstitious

HOUSTON – Friday the 13th originated in the Middle Ages. Some believe it has something to do with Jesus and the 13th person to show up for the last supper. That late arriving guy was Judas.

Some people keep track of who thinks it is unlucky and those weirdos list the number of believers in bad luck on the 13th as 20 million in the U.S. Even more in the U.K. Those in the U.K. also have to deal with bad dental care. We in Houston recognize it was the day the Texans left for the last game of the season.

The Patriots also have to deal with Friday, Jan. 13. They see it as the day before another run to the Super Bowl. If numbers are special, and who among us doesn't believe that, then the Patriots lucky numbers are 1-9-1. That's 191 more points scored than points allowed. That is a big part of the obvious. Their team is 14-2. The Texans numbers are most unlucky a -49.  They have given up 49 more than they have scored. There are thousands of other numbers we could dive into but I prefer the points scored vs. points allowed.

I will also point out New England's two losses came at home. No doubt that has been pointed out to the Houston group. However, the Texans would have to pull off one of the all time upsets to keep the season rolling. As we around here look forward to Saturday night, the rest of the NFL's fans are drooling over the Green Bay-Dallas game. Those fans know a good match up when they see one.