Brock the doc

In this edition of "BILL GOES BONKERS" we join the Texans team sing.

They have chosen the Navy Hymn to perform for THE RAIDERS this Saturday. It is solemn and has lyrics suggesting death. True to the theme the team's coach tells us Brock will captain the ship. Why not? He is already the joke machine of TEAM TWITTER.

One such writer of short bursts indicates Saturday's game will be the worst quarterback matchup in NF-HELL PLAYOFF HISTORY. The Texans currently own half that distinction having sent BRIAN HOYER out against the Chiefs last season.

The RAIDERS have had bad luck since quarterback DEREK CARR had his leg broken a couple of weeks ago. Then their backup also got clipped and ROOKIE CONNOR COOK will start for the SILVER AND BLACK.

No. The alleged expert is making fun of Coach Jack Del Rio. They know he doesn't have a choice. So the magic of humor is mostly directed at Houston. Of course it is.

Every fan of the TEXANS is angered over the QB deal.

TOM SAVAGE finally gave some slim hope but he has had an infection in his elbow and got that when HE WASN'T PLAYING. He finally gets a chance to start and bangs his head. CONCUSSION. Fans of this team are the ones who should be getting their heads examined.

I am just glad I don't pay to get in.