It was a mirage

As we have just one big time college football game left I REMEMBER the strangest Bowl Game I have covered.

It was 1983 and over our Thanksgiving holiday the U OF H was involved in what used to be called THE MIRAGE BOWL. I was to do the play by play of the game vs. SMU.  It wasn't going to played around here. Olympic Stadium, Tokyo. The Mitsubishi Motors people were the sponsors and the 2 teams flew all the way to Japan to play a SWC game. Bill Yeoman tried to look thrilled. Sixteen hours of flight time took it's toll.

I got word (after I got to Tokyo) I couldn't do the play-by-play because the game was to air on Channel 20 not Channel 2. I WAS TOLD to do an hour program when we got home. That's what we did. I walked the sideline and realized the field hadn't been lined. It was also yellow. The grass had died long ago.

Going for a hot dog and coke was out too. Raw fish with rice. Yum.

They finally got the field lined but not until the 2nd half. Some first downs were very shaky. The Coogs lost the game 34-12 but shortly after, the SMU scandal began and their coach, Bobby Collins, realized his players were making more money than he was.

Despite not knowing much about the game the stadium was packed. I was told there was a car give away after the game. You had to be present to win. The Texans might run that by us next season.