Results are in


Not many in Nashville realized what was going on, but i was told not only did Tom Savage have to sit out with a concussion, but so did Bob McNair.

Forget the re-entry of Brock to relieve Savage, forget the fact the team DID MAKE the playoffs, do NOT forget the TEXANS ARE ONCE AGAIN 9-7.  Three straight 9-7's.  27-21 MIGHT look good in baseball standings, it isn't what was promised under tough guy Bill O'Brien. Bob McNair must have bumped his head on Rick Smith's to THINK things are O.K. Remember, Bum got fired after a playoff loss to Oakland, and Bill might be facing the same dilemma, although BOB is no BUD.

Fans wanted Tony Romo and they got him. For one series, but that was pretty good and despite their loss to the Eagles, the Pokes are in good shape for the run TO HOUSTON.  Houston isn't but at least you could say the "TEXANS WILL BE HOME for LI. I had a bit of a relief from the TEXANS complaints. I was in an area that didn't carry the game and I could only check from time to time, but all things considered, i was lucky. Most likely you were not. Even with black eyed peas and collards, you had no TEXANS LUCK.

As for the Gary Kubiak deal. HE deserves to do what he wants to do.  32 years in the NF-HELL wore on him. I have always enjoyed being around him. I go back to his St. Pius H.S. days. The job IS lucrative but also a killer. Enough is enough. Enjoy you new life, KUBES.