Last-minute gift suggestions

We only have a couple of days left to get that something that someone probably doesn't need.

I always celebrate each Christmas by congratulating the CITY OF HOUSTON for tearing up the streets in the Galleria Area. Public Works is on to me because they tore up POST OAK BLVD. in October this year. It is still a mess but it continues a tradition. I see lots of SALE signs. Does this mean our local and national merchants have too much inventory? I am concerned but some friends tell me the NEW PRESIDENT will straighten all of this out. Except for the street detours.

I am looking for a discounted lifetime pass to every athletic event. I have become spoiled as a reporter/anchor/freeloader. I hate the crowds at games. They eat, they drink, they yell, they constantly are leaving to go somewhere and then return only to ask "what happened?" I don't like press boxes either. The windows are sealed and no one is allowed to talk, applaud, or go more than 3 times through the free chow line. Many years ago the ASTROS SERVED BOOZE in their press area. Can you imagine how that would go over in our SOCIAL MEDIA era? I knew one reporter who brought a date to a game and she had a few free ones too. That is just wrong. At the time I couldn't believe I didn't think of it.

So, I guess I want a quiet but pleasant place to complain or cheer or have a pop or two. That's the ticket. i am staying home this Christmas Eve when the TEXANS PLAY THE BENGALS. As much as I LOVE telling fans Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton is from Katy, I'll just share it with the wife. She can then respond by telling me "I know that, you say it every time they play the Bengals". Maybe staying home ain't such a good idea.