Daily Craig: The margin is slim

I thought we would take a mild trip back to the year 2000. 

It was spring and the Bellaire Little League all-stars were making their run toward the NATIONAL TITLE in Williamsport. Along the way they ran into the DAVENPORT, IOWA All Stars. Davenport had one of the biggest players ever to play in a LL WORLD SERIES. Julian Vandervelde was the 1st baseman. He was 12.  He was also 6 feet 2 and weighed 231lbs. He wore glasses and twice was mistaken for the Davenport bus driver. If he lit up a cigar no one would have thought it unusual. He had his birth certificate read so many times the paper looked like a Civil War archive.

Julian's baseball career basically ended when Davenport was beaten by Bellaire. He then turned to football. Julian started 3 years as a guard for THE IOWA HAWKEYES. Then he began his 2ND RUN AT A TITLE. One he still owns. Julian was taken in the 5th round of the NF-HELL DRAFT by the EAGLES. He  played both guard and tackle. He played in 16 games as an NFL lineman. He was also on the TAMPA BAY practice squad. HIS RECORD, YOU ASK? He holds 2. One for RETURN APPEARANCES and one for being cut by various teams.

The big kid from Davenport holds the NFL RECORD for being waived 21 times. 21 times he turned in play books, grabbed a HEFTY BAG, and cleaned out his locker.

According to Julian, he is "well aware of the fine line between good and excellence". He is still 6 feet 2 inches but his waist line changed. He now checks in at 325lbs. Given the complaints about various offensive linemen this season I wouldn't be surprised if Julian makes it to 22 in the record book.