Daily Craig: 5 shopping days

There are just a few days left to slap down that credit card. Yes. Just remember you are still paying for meals and wine you ate or guzzled 4 years ago, so take it easy on those Christmas gifts. You know the gifts you haven't bought yet because you hate shopping and hate traffic.

You are A HATER.

I heard you cheer when that poor Osweiler kid got yanked from the last GAME AT NRG. You looked up to the VIP section to see if Rick Smith was smiling or barfing. Sometimes it is tough to tell. Tom Savage doesn't have much of a history of doing what he does, but let's face it,  he is less expensive and that makes him the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT.

The new QB IS A BARGAIN at just under $700,000 per year. The guy who got pulled only got a $5 million  signing bonus and his base is $4 million so he only gets a weekly game check of $250,000. You thought he got more didn't you? Nah, only $37 million is guaranteed. You really don't think he'll collect his $19 million per year 3 years from now? How is a guy to live under the bright Bellaire street lights and try to get by on a QUARTER MILL a week? He'll have to let the lawn guy go. Brock says he doesn't listen to or watch sports news, so the TV CAN BE THROWN OUT. I hear his dog is expensive. Look for him at the weekly adopt a pet place.

THE NF-HELL is tough. How tough? You have to work this year on Christmas EVE. Hold down the bad language if the SAVAGE GUY doesn't work out. You could do something religious that night. Take up a collection for Brock. He is having a rough week. But all the complaining brought cheer to the SAVAGE HOUSEHOLD. Yes Tom, there is a Santa.