Daily Craig: Start your bowls

THE NCAA begins the longest run of meaningless football tomorrow. 

In one BOWL GAME, UH will play in the town Tillman Fertita bought just last week. In case you missed it,  the Houston billionaire bought the entire city of LAS VEGAS and gave each resident a $25 gift card to use at one of the 3,450 Landry's restaurants. The Coogs play SAN DIEGO ST. in Lt. Col. Applewhite's first game as the head coach of any football team ever. I also noticed 2 other early bowls. New Mexico stays in their hometown for one game and Hawaii stays near the beach to play in their bowl game. It looks bad when no travel is involved. How will reporters jack up their expense accounts? This is what is wrong with college sports.

I know much is being made of the WAKE FOREST scandal. A former player, asst. coach, and broadcaster managed to give at least a couple of teams advance notice of Wake's plays. IT'S WAKE FOREST. You don't need THEIR plays, just YOURS. What a knucklehead. Make that plural. The guy who gave them the info and the morons who accepted it. Again, IT'S WAKE FOREST. Nick Saban could put his game plan on Twitter and it wouldn't matter. However, Nick doesn't have email let alone a Twitter Account. He told me that and was quite proud of it.

The TEXANS play the Jaguars Sunday. I remember the car of the same name as Jacksonville's football team. The brand had constant electrical problems. I believe that has carried over to the football outfit. Gus Bradley is their coach and I WAS REMINDED by ESPN that Bill Belichick would have to lose over 600 straight games to have the same WINNING PERCENTAGE as Gus. Now that is a stat.