Daily Craig: Herman killed Santa

The stories are running hot and heavy.

Tom Herman was the ultimate weasel. Tom Herman lied to his players and drove a free sponsor car to the airport so he could make the UT party in time. Tom left the car at the airport and wanted the dealership to pick it up. I hope he left instructions because there are quite a few cars at the airport this time of year. Tom Herman personally let TDECU STADIUM look dingy so he could pretend he was somewhere else. Tom Herman celebrated the bombing at Pearl Harbor. And if that isn't enough ,I am told he ran over Santa Claus in the Galleria.

Yes, sports fans of UH, you should be glad you are rid of this guy. He killed Santa and refused to be interviewed on SPORTS RADIO 610. That was low down. The fact the radio station was blasting him yesterday is purely coincidental. He secretly owns that property and drove up their numbers by pretending he was angry with their staff. Be glad he's gone to the 40 acres. It was once the 40  Fred Akers. In fact, Tom Herman as a little boy, led the march to GET FRED'S HEAD. He may kiss players but he is low down.

OK, you get it. The guy was just telling tales to get a better job. Who among us hasn't done that? He took a really good deal at a really good school. Now he has to produce. It might take a lot to overcome his killing of Santa. Beating OKLAHOMA might help.

Of course, there is no guarantee. Ask Charlie.