Daily Craig: Who needs some new underwear?

I always called underwear SKIVVIES . I AM NOT SURE where that word came from and I am not going to Google it. I don't know where the word GOOGLE came from either.

I am doing some work for a buddy that requires driving quite a bit. Normally, I would just live on what I make from CLICK2HOUSTON but that tree hut is uncomfortable. Speaking of comfort and driving I CONTINUE with today's DAILY.

I LISTEN to ESPN and various shows catering to men. Except for catering. I haven't heard one of those as yet. I have refinanced the house 6 times, (this week) I HAVE JOINED 4 shaving clubs, bought every product to make me young again, and now with Christmas just around the corner,  I am eyeing men's underwear.

In the Marines we got boxers as standard issue. The front flap was a replica of the Hollland Tunnel, and there was enough fabric to make a sail that would last for at least 2 trips around Camp Pendleton. I have no interest in getting another pair of those SKIVVIE DRAWERS. I DO HEAR commercials for TOMMY JOHN UNDERWEAR. Yep, some guy in South Dakota came up with various designs and is getting almost $40 for one boxer brief. Yikes.

If that isn't enough, the overpriced stuff HAS THE SAME NAME as the former DODGER PITCHER. He didn't call the shorts SANDY KOUFAX or BOB FELLER. Tommy John is the name. Look it up. A pal of mine bought a pair and swears since wearing them his ELBOW DOESN'T HURT.