Daily Craig: Hump day update

HOUSTON – Here we are halfway through a week leading to mostly the NF-HELL.  Army-Navy highlights the limited college schedule. At least for the BIG SCHOOLS. 

SAM HOUSTON ST. and James Madison play one of the FCS playoffs. They have way  more than 4 schools starting their tournament and somehow it is fun, they get through it, and kids still go to school. Too bad the FBS KIDS can't figure it out. I always rooted for the once 1-AA schools because I went to one. Our guys had a great run one year only to lose at home to the BLUE HENS and some QB NAMED FLACCO. Whatever happened to him?

I HEARD THE TEXANS DAY OFF was special. They said goodbye to DB CHARLES JAMES. He was the fun guy on HBO 2 years ago and the guy who slipped on Green Bay's winning TD. IF THE TEXANS waive some player every time there is a screw up they would be going to week 14 with long snapper JON Weeks and the punter who belongs to AARP. That would be it.  By the way, I tortured myself by watching the COLTS and JETS. If we think Houston is lame from time to time, buy Jets season tickets. They wouldn't get a bowl bid.

I wanted to congratulate Al Horford of the Celtics for blowing a wide open lay up in the Rockets win Monday. I chased his dad, Tito, all over Houston, Baton Rouge, and Miami. He was the hottest recruit GUY V. never did get. His kid is a better player, BUT I BET dad would have dunked that shot.