Daily Craig: We saw it coming

HOUSTON – No fan, Houston or Oakland, figured the TEXANS WOULD WIN. The fans in Mexico City seemed to favor the OAKLANDers. So did the officials on the field.

DeAndre had a TD taken early and the TEXANS had a first down taken LATE. However, I would never blame part-time employees for a team loss. The Texans lost and it was expected, but at least it wasn't embarrassing. Unless you were the guy blowing the early whistle on a 60-yard TD that wasn't. Not saying that was the difference but it sure set the tone.

So, the ESPN crew was correct to a man and a woman. All picked Oakland to win and they did. The first ever MUNDANE NIGHT GAME outside the U.S. WAS NO DOUBT a marketing win.

The NF-HELL will go back and let's face it. It is a shorter plane ride than the ridiculous rides to LONDON.

The good news for Houston was at least they didn't burn a home game, but 6-4 at this point sure smells like another 9-7. If THAT HAPPENS, maybe Tom Herman should stall UT TO GET THE TEXANS JOB.