Daily Craig: Thanksgiving week is here

HOUSTON – I like to celebrate Thanksgiving all week, not just the one day. It is something I've done since missing 40 or 50 T-DAYS either working or being a Marine. It's been some time since the Marine daze, so working has the clear lead.

The same lead TOM HERMAN HAS for upping his income. It is not even close although a loss to MEMPHIS wouldn't be a good thing for the team, the school, the city, or the Herman family. I have already been asked mucho times who might replace him. I think MAJOR APPLEWHITE should be promoted to LT. COLONEL, but most likely he would go back to his alma mater with the new head coach at THE FORTY ACRES. If the current coach at UT stays it would surpass the recent election as the new leader in upsets.

As for the TEXANS, THE TEAM ISN'T EXPECTED to win tonight in Mexico City. The Raiders are the other guys and I have no doubt they will be tough to handle for the O'BRIEN CLAN. I have never liked Oakland. Never liked them in L.A. either. They were the team that beat BUM and got him fired. I have enjoyed pictures of fans from HOUSTON being in Mexico City to support the guys. Randy is there too. I hope the hype turns into a decent game, but it is MUNDANE NIGHT, so I am not expecting the QB TO LOOK LIKE A QB.

I WAS TOLD ONCE if you start a conversation with "Hola" you better be prepared to finish the conversation in Spanish. Good advice. With that in mind I hope THE TEXANS aren't referred to TOMORROW AS PINATAS.