Daily Craig: I am ashamed

I cannot let another day go by without the following admission. I didn't say awake to see the Cubs 4 run 9th. I didn't SEE CHAPMAN  K  the Giants to send the Cubs to the NLCS.  How is that possible?  I was tired and those West Coast games have killed me. The 1908 Cubs didn't go that far. They only had to beat 7 other  clubs to win the pennant.  No wild cards. No division games. NL title, then on to beat Detroit. I saw some startling research. Since the Cubbies last WS WIN,  The DAMN YANKEES have won it 27 times. The Cardinals have won it 11 times. The Red Sox have 7.

One of ESPN;S PRONOUNCERS sounded as if the Giants were robbed. So,I suppose SF is destined to win a World Series in every EVEN YEAR. Nope, It's Chicago that does that. 1908, 2016. Put your white wine back in the fridge Giants fans. It's OLD STYLE BEER'S turn.

I promise not to miss any of the wins over the Dodgers or the Nats Then bring on the Indians. Nuts to Toronto, I want an OLD SCHOOL series. GO CUBS.