Daily Craig: Pregame hype

HOUSTON – According to any media outlet in a town that has any kind of sports, the various groups have to hype whatever game is next. That won't be a topic of the next GREAT DEBATE between the 2 you wish weren't running.

If we had 2 qualified candidates with no bad history how much fun would that be? Not much said every news boss ever. But let's go back to the sports business. The Coogs are telling us since UCONN BEAT THEM last year tomorrow night's game is pay back or revenge or another feather in Tom's coaching cap. The only way Houston loses to UCONN is if the 2 teams trot out their women's basketball teams. Houston will walk away with another lopsided win no matter who tells you this could go either way.

The Texans are worse. Coach B.O'Brien told us 2 days ago, the TITANS ARE A VERY GOOD TEAM. Really? If being the old Oilers isn't enough, the TITANS only scare themselves. Andre Johnson has earned the AFC SOUTH hat trick by now playing for Tennessee. I see him with the JAGS next year to complete the rare sweep. THE TEXANS should mop up the fake floor with these guys, but don't say that to Bill THIS EARLY IN THE WEEK.

The only bunch not whistling too loud past the grave yard are the Astros. i get the impression they just want to get this thing over. Orbit is the only one in the organization still enthused. Today will be the last play by play call of Bill Brown. That isn't a good thing. I SURE HOPE the guys in charge find some guy even remotely as talented. Way to go Brownie.