Daily Craig: Beyonce wins

HOUSTON – Houston had 3 deals going at about the same time. As if turned out the only local winner was Beyonce. How could she lose? She played to a big house at the home of the TEXANS.

The football team was in New England playing before another full house. Beyonce wowed her house. The TEXANS should have stayed home for the concert. I MIGHT ALSO ADD the Astros were shutout but at least they appeared to know what they were doing. THE TEXANS DID NOT.

Note to Bill O'Brien: You told us you slept at the stadium because of the short turnaround after the K.C. game. NEXT TIME GO HOME. Your plan (in the event there was one) was horrible. There were some positives. J.J. Watt's mom won't have to wash his uniform. It was still clean at the end. Brock was out played by a rookie. New England didn't do anything any of us had ever seen before and still managed to make Houston look as if they had never seen any of it.

I know it's early and the locals are 2-1 which isn't that bad. But the national audience is still laughing and that isn't funny. In fact the only Houston fans smiling were at Bey's concert.