JJ Watt tackles fans' thirst in new Gatorade ad

Other sports icons also join ‘Burn It To Earn It' campaign


HOUSTON – You’re walking down the street holding a bottle of Gatorade. Suddenly, J.J. Watt charges from around the corner and tackles another Gatorade drinker right in front of you. What would you do?

Well, in one of the Gatorade commercials posted Thursday on YouTube, a guy decided to sprint for his life, with Watt in hot pursuit.

It was all in good fun though, and the guy the Texans defensive end tackled was actually a stunt man.

The “Burn It To Earn It” ad campaign by the beverage maker encourages people who drink it to at least break a sweat.

Watt is one of several sports stars that are lending their talents to the campaign. Basketball’s Karl-Anthony Towns, baseball’s Bryce Harper, soccer’s James Rodriguez are also participating.

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