Daily Craig: It's a sign

HOUSTON – On this day of the TEXANS AND PATS we should all realize both teams colors are red, white, and blue so it's ok if your team loses.

The TEXANS were early favs but now it's a pick em. That suggests even with a third string no experience quarterback they are still coached by the Belichick and that isn't good for the TEXANS. That is a sure sign. Other signs of note on this day. If your kid is issued uniform number 0 and your family didn't request it, that isn't a positive. If the coach tells your kid to put pine tar on the seat of his pants, that's not good either.

Your teen smokes in the locker room but still gets to play. That is promising for his career or you have NO ATHLETES in your school. If your school band can only play the school song with sheet music, your musicians are all freshmen. The drivers ed teacher is retained despite being only 3 students over .500 in his 28 years as an instructor. Your nephew is the only kid who showed up for the dance. If he did the same thing last year you might tell him there IS NO DANCE.

Your friend is convinced his ASTROS will make the playoffs. You laughed and laughed but lately you are only snickering. Although you did cheer when the replay showed the Astros had won 6-5 and keep home alive.