Daily Craig: Money is an Olympic event

HOUSTON – About 100 years ago I WAS a paper boy. I delivered the local paper and 4 Chicago newspapers. In the good ole days the Windy City had 4 newspapers instead of just 2. They were heavy and I had about 125 customers. I was pretty good at delivering and collecting the money. My dad hated Sundays because he had to help me. I mention all of this because some are suggesting newspapers are dead. No, they aren't, but the guy who throws my paper 50 yards from the front door might be near death . I believe reading is still a very good thing.

To prove my point , here are things I have read in the last few hours. Ryan Lochte lost 2 big sponsors. One was his speedo deal. Instead of him dropping his drawers again, they dropped his. Ralph Lauren also tossed the lad aside. No more free blazers. Other Olympians were adding dollars. The U.S. Olympians winning gold got $25k for each. In the spirit of America they have to pay tax on the earnings. The biggest single winner was the kid from UT who beat Michael Phelps. Joe Schooling picked up over $700k from Singapore. He will have to give 20% of the loot to the Singapore Athletic Fund.  He still did O.K. The Chinese get $125k for each gold. The medals are made in China.

Great Britain finished 3 in the overall medal count. Their athletes don't get any money from the QUEEN. She figures it is a good deal to get a free round trip to Brazil. Plus, she is still trying to pay off the debt from the London games.