Daily Craig: Adios Olympics

HOUSTON – I will miss the Olympics. I will miss those swimmers trying to explain the gas station incident. The swimmers will miss their sponsor checks. I feel bad for NBC'S Bob Costas. He will have to give all those snazzy suits back. Marv Albert will miss Doug Collins. Marv wore the same NBC warmup jacket for 2 weeks. He will retire it. 8 years ago I did the ring announcing for the U.S. Olympic Boxing trials. I announced 120 bouts in one week and was never, ever, seen on MSNBC's coverage. I got even this time by not only not watching one fight BUT never, ever watching MSNBC.  A reporter from San Francisco wrote about how RIO pulled this all off despite all the dark clouds surrounding the games. She said the worst ever recent games was ATLANTA IN 1996.

I was at those games for over 1 month. Atlanta had some serious errors. They moved homeless people downtown to another location. Good P.R. as the media buses passed the new homeless location 4 times every day. Our meal ticket was at the Salvation Army. We had to share rooms with co workers. I asked for Susan Lennon but got a photog who warmed his pizza on the room's TV SET. I had one sit down evening meal. It was on the 27th day of our coverage.

The bomb incident happened as I was sitting down to a Vodka one midnight. I wasn't able to finish it. The MP'S surrounding the explosion were from Ellington Field and the first doc on the scene was Houston's Jack Jensen. I scooped the world that night with live shots. However, it was 2AM on a Friday. My ratings weren't so good.