Houston sisters bring Olympic excitement back to over 6 million kids


HOUSTON – We just love interviewing American fans in Rio to watch the Summer Olympic Games, but we also received a request to be interviewed by a team of Houston reporters from Scholastic Kids Press Corps based in New York.

The Sheena sisters have worked for Scholastic News Magazine for nearly 30 years collectively.

Tulane graduate Michelle Sheena told KPRC 2, "I actually started a little over 10 years ago, and I've had a ton of incredible opportunities such as this and I've really loved every second of it."


Their assignment was to bring the flavor of the 2016 Olympic Games back to more than 6 million school kids across America.

Lamar High School senior Erin Sheena said, "We saw Michael Phelps swim, which was really amazing, and just seeing everyone and the atmosphere -- It's so different than seeing it on TV, so it's really great."

"I've convinced myself that's how I've learned how to play a couple of the sports, just by watching (the athletes) every single summer, so I'm really happy I get to be here experiencing it firsthand," Tulane University junior Brittney Sheena said.

Kids in classrooms will be able to read to Sheena sisters' reports in the newest issue of Scholastic News when school is back in session.