Daily Craig: They are obscure

HOUSTON – Several polls have been done about viewing habits of the Olympics in THE JANUARY RIVER.  We like to just call it RIO. The most obvious big viewer totals come from Women's (really little women) Gynmastics, swimming, and track. Not so much field. I came home yesterday to watch the end of the white water rafting and felt sorry for those competing. They have grown up training all their lives in little boats running over artificial rocks. Sorry, that is a tough life. I do want to point out what is a very weird sport in the games. THE MODERN PENTATHLON.  This is not to be confused with the REALLY OLD CRUMBLING PENTATHLON.

The U.S. TEAM is led by Army SGT. Nathan Schrimsher. He threw out the first pitch at an ASTROS GAME last week. Don't blame him for the recent skid. There are 2 women on the team also. MARGEAUX and ISABELLA ISAKSEN. I don't know where they are in the big picture of the sport but they are attractive. What is the MODERN PENTATHLON you ask?  The event involves fencing, a 200m freestyle swim, show jumping on a horse, pistol shooting and a 3200 meter cross country run. I can't imagine why I didn't try this in HIGH SCHOOL.

Best wishes to our team. When it's all over in RIO, they can start their own WILD WEST SHOW.