Daily Craig: See you next season

HOUSTON – It isn't easy for long time Astros fans to see the season end like this. A 2-5 home stand that finished the boys chances for success. Losing another series to the Rangers is also really disappointing. So there is always next year, right?  I know what you are thinking. Wait a minute, there are still 51 games left. The season can't be over. Sure it can and it is. I do see one silver lining in yesterday's 5-3 loss in 11. The Astros were nothing out of 6 in one run losses to Texas so the two run loss didn't extend that to 0-7. I am searching for the really small victories.

Houston is now 7half back in the division which spells doom. They are also rapidly losing ground in the wild card deal, so I say you might better spend your time worrying about the TEXANS or better yet,  WATCH THE USA MEDAL COUNT RISE. Some things around here you can still count on. Traffic and heat are sure things, but not so the ASTROS. They are done.

One other note of interest. I have seen complaints about the US WOMEN wearing bikinis in the beach volleyball event. I want you to know I was not among those complaining. I am too busy griping about a lack of runs scored by the team that just ended the pennant run.