Daily Craig: TV observations


I watched the Olympic soccer matches again. The announcers are in Connecticut. The games are in Brazil. So much for getting a feel for the room. I saw Portugal beat Argentina in men's play. Then I WATCHED SOUTH KOREA VS. FIJI. Ok, I am really a sorry T V viewer. However, it was up against the Astros pre-game show which explained how THE BREGMAN KID was 1-308 since being "called up". I was rooting for FIJI but the islanders fell on hard times and got killed early. I was impressed by NBC'S announce crew for the game. The play-by-play guy sounded just like Sean Hannity. He only talked when the players were on the right wing.

Just about then, I switched to the Astros game and heard the magical words from Geoff Blum. "Nice piece of hitting," he said when an Astro fouled one off. The Blue Jays starter, J.A.Haff is from my neck of the woods, La Salle County, Illinois. I used to be one of the best left handers in the County, but J.A. put me way back in the pecking order. When he pitched for the Astros I pointed out we were the only 2 in the ballpark who had eaten fried chicken AT MONA'S IN TOLUCA, ILL-- we still are. I have to go now as the Texans are once again practicing under conditions they will never have to play in. Throw another log on the air conditioner.