Daily Craig: Game on

I am so excited. At my age and stage of life, excited is not a word I use very often. But here it is. THE ASTROS and CUBS are in the World Series with the Astros holding the home field advantage. I KNOW the season has just 73 games left BUT the locals are shoe-ins according to many social media posts. I am, given the history of the team, more concerned about the Cubs. I recall 1969 and their collapse. At that time 1945 DIDN'T SEEM SO LONG AGO. Now it's forever. Steve Bartman didn't help things most recently but getting to a foul ball before Moises Alou didn't cost the Cubs a shot. They did that on their own.

So the two Mayors will make some stupid bet like BBQ VS. VIENNA HOT DOGS and the two towns will be whipped into a frenzy. Houston will promise to close down the bicycle routes for fan traffic. Chicago will stop whining about never getting into a WORLD SERIES. Old timers, much like Red Sox fans, will plan funerals now that the Cubs have finally made it. Houstonians will pray it isn't a four game sweep like the ONE AND ONLY SERIES featuring THE ASTROS and that other Chicago team.

When the season kicks back in Friday let's all just relax. THE RANGERS will fade, the Cards won't screw up the NL CENTRAL and as the late great announcer JACK BRICKHOUSE USED TO SAY, "We don't care who wins JUST SO it's the CUBS".  Unless they are playing the ASTROS.