Daily Craig: And now the national anthem (we think)

Copa American is a big deal soccer tourney. Three of the games will be played in Houston. I AM CONVINCED there will be no more misplayed anthems-- misplayed matches, just not anthems. Last Saturday in the big stadium where the Cardinals play in Glendale, Arizona the match of the night was Mexico v. Uraguay. It was considered one of the best match ups of the tournament. Following the playing of the Mexican anthem the crowd remained standing to salute Uraguay by playing "Orientales La Patria O La Tamba". Except the crowd and the teams got "Cancion Nacional". Those in the crowd from Chile were thrilled-- all 3 of them. Uraguay was wondering who to give the red card to in the production studio. Chile isn't Uraguay and never will be.

The organizers were quick to apologize. "Human error,” they said.  Yes, very similar to the crooks in charge of FIFA. Uraguay didn't get a make good. The crowd appreciated that as their anthem is almost six minutes long. The Chilean is shorter but has two lyrics, two melodies, and three versions. Some mention of hating Spain has been eliminated. This anthem thing has happened before.

In Athens, Greece, the crowd stood to honor the teams before a game with China. A song blared out on the big speaker system and the crowd thought it was the Chinese anthem. A member of the Chinese team shouted, "Hey that is a toothpaste commercial!"  China got a make good and then had to listen to the 158 stanza Greek anthem. They should have played the anthem of Japan. It has just four lines.