Daily Craig: Weather is a factor

There is nothing sports guys like better than getting their time cut for the weather dude or dudette. The forecasters are leading the league in cutting sports times around the greater Houston area. The C & C Ranch in scenic Old Town Spring has a new crop of fire ants and something we didn't count on during the day light hours. Frogs are croaking like they have seen the Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms. Froggy went a courtin' last night when we got the 6 inch rain fall we seem to get two or three times each week. Now to the business of those Arizona outfits.

Hall of Famer Tony LaRussa runs the front office for the guys from Phoenix. He had the traditional uniforms for years in St.Louis. I can't imagine he likes what he sees on his current team. The Snakes have 7 different uniforms. 7 in case you are scoring at home. I like at least one of them and that is their "throwback uniform". The one they wore for the first 7 years of the franchise including the one they wore when they won a World Series. Last night they looked like a beer softball team. Except for the salaries. If you win a World Series you don't change uniforms.

Unless of course, you are the owner of the Rockets. His team won back to back titles and he changed the uniforms. He had them wear pajamas with short pants. I see his new coach shaved his stache. The guy now really doesn't stand a chance.