Daily Craig: Mix those terms

On this Friday the 13th I want to point out that I don't walk under ladders just in case there is something to this bad luck business.

Moving on, I was thinking about terms used in one sport that translate to another. For instance, UNFORCED ERROR is a tennis thing, but now it comes into play in basketball, soccer, and Nascar. My grandmother Roberts was partly responsible for knowing more sporting terms than most by virtue of her life-long fascination with Bridge. The card game, not the one painted orange and named for a veteran.

Bridge had a GRAND SLAM and a Rubber game before baseball did. Bridge has a BEER CARD. It also has a sacrifice and for soccer buffs, aggregate scoring. There is an automatic squeeze. You can Blitz and Crash. You have a caddy and a captain, a contract, and a chuck. KNOCK OUTS are possible.

Given the guy in the headlines for quite some time, it is good to know, or maybe not, there is a TRUMP. Bonus is available, so is ARROW and APPEAL. Bridge has a Bye and had that way before the seeding of tennis or basketball tournaments. I HAVE TO STAY ONSIDE, and the card game has that too. I gotta think I learned something today. I BID you good day.