Daily Craig: Cinco eve

I just finished putting up the Cinco de Mayo tree. It has dominated our home for years even though we have only been in our house eight months. It is a glorious holiday invented by Jose Cuervo and brought to this country by lime and salt sellers in Texas and California.

As historians have told us the Battle of Puebla is hardly noted in MEXICO but sure does sell lots of product in our neck of the woods. Hallmark does the same thing for Mom's day. I once worked at a TEE HEE station which aired nightly editorials. The station manager went out on a limb and declared how cool Mom's Day is. A disclaimer voice told us we could offer alternate opinions. No one did.

Ever hear something really on the money and wish you had either coined that phrase or at least been the first to say it?  Like the time Bill Brown on ASTROS TV told us "It's Miller Time in the Budweiser Plaza."  I always liked, "If you don't say anything, you won't be called upon to repeat it". Cal Coolidge said that. We could use that kind of stuff in current politics. Mark Twain said, "If your vote counted, they wouldn't let us do it." 

A neat sporting tag came from the 1994 NBA season. An alley oop from Dennis Shaw to Shaq was dubbed the SHAWSHAQ REDEMPTION.  A takeoff on the movie of the same year, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. I always wished I had made that one up. My dad ran a tavern for years and tried to start his own holiday, Seis de Mayo. He was so close. He also told me to get a job teaching because the TV thing was shaky. I should have listened.