Daily Craig: Hold up the purse

Draft nuts have gathered and now we are all on the clock. It is time for the COMMISH FOR LIFE to hug, smile, and take pictures with soon to be rich college kids he doesn't know. In some cases he will fine them or ban them for life. Just not tonight. Almost all sports have drafts. However, one very popular sport doesn't. Boxing is just trying to stay alive or at least be popular again. You take your chances in this sport. As a fan and as a pro.

Years ago I was doing ring announcing and came to know trainers, managers, and boxers of all sizes. One such guy was Clyde Mudgett. A guy from Texas who got out of the slammer and decided to fight to make a living. He was trained by a Texas legend, Blackie Ramone. Mudgett was promoted by Fred Burns of Indianapolis. Fred's wife helped. Her name was Freda. Computer dating would have shot that down, but it seemed to work.

Fred took Clyde to Germany for a big pay day. Clyde ate some bad chow and told Fred he couldn't take a gut shot or it would be very bad for TV. Fred told him to fight or there would be no pay day. Clyde came out for round one, ducked a jab, and went down for the count. The crowd was not pleased. I HOPE Clyde isn't listed in tonight's program.