Daily Craig: Hold all winning tickets

There have been times when I was in pretty good shape in my NCAA Brackets. This is not one of those times. Three years ago I won the bracket war at a local radio station. That station is no longer with us. Maybe me winning  an IPAD put them too far into the red.  If so, I feel bad, however, we blamed it on bad management. I decided to enter 3 contests this season. Ch. 2 has a really nice set up. Not only was it easy to make picks, but one gets to compete against the station anchors and reporters. They are in the VIP SECTION. I would have done better in that group.

i also entered ESPN'S and Sportstalk 790's bracket contests. I have been in the business of picking these things for over 40 years. There was a chance I could win all 3.  That chance went away real early. Here is the report prior to another round of games. Since I only have 5 of the final 16 in my brackets it doesn't look good for the home team.

I checked my status at CH 2.  I am in a tie for 417th.  I am certain I don't have a shot at that Bill Balleza autographed Beer Stein. I am barely in front of the weather people. That is really sad. Next I checked ESPN. I am in a group for that one. It is led by my son the English teacher and coach. He pointed out it gives Houston a chance to learn how little we know about college basketball. He is right. As an individual I am in 1,635,367th place. I guess that million bucks is out the window.

The hat trick is completed by checking the 790 standings. Of  1,225 in their contest I am 501st. The funny part however? I am tied for 1st among their hosts. Yes sir, when it comes to experts, try not to ask a broadcaster.