Browns reportedly covered up Johnny Manziel's drinking problem by saying he had concussion

HOUSTON – The Browns say Johnny Manziel was diagnosed with a concussion late in the season by an independent neurologist, countering an NFL Network report they lied about the injury to cover up the troubled quarterback showing up intoxicated for practice.

“Johnny Manziel, going into what would have been a start late in the season, showed up drunk at practice on a Wednesday. The Browns lied and said he was in the concussion protocol. Let me repeat that: The Browns lied, to try to protect, and I would argue enable, this irresponsible and very troubled young man,” Mike Silver said on the air on NFL Network.

The start in question happened in Week 17. Manziel was dismissed from a Wednesday practice and diagnosed with a concussion - three days after it supposedly occurred. Reports have surfaced that Manziel showed up to work drunk that day, and the Browns sent him home.

On Jan. 3, former coach Mike Pettine said, "No. No. No, that is not the case," when asked if Manziel was sent home for being inebriated.

If the reports are accurate, the Browns are expected to face heavy penalties. With the increased attention on concussions in the league, if the Browns are found to have used a concussion as an excuse to cover up another problem, it would be a despicable misuse of the league's injury report.