Daily Craig: Shut out by Powerball mania

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HOUSTON – (I was shutout by LOTTO MANIA)

I, like millions of others, bought some tickets for the big POWERBALL DEAL. I was shutout. 2 tickets 12 total numbers and I had NONE OF THE NUMBERS. NONE. But, I played it safe by also buying a ticket for the TEXAS LOTTO. It has an $18 million payout. I got shutout on that ticket too. Dallas Keuchel MUST BE WORKING FOR THE LOTTERY. Vast wealth aside, let's review other items of note from last night. The Rockets won again. That is 5 in a row and the pretenders to the West are now 2 over .500. WOW. A guy, during a promo stunt at halftime, hit a shot from half court to win $25,000. Dwight Howard was excited saying it was cool a guy won the same amount as his per diem.

DABO SWINNEY won the Bear Bryant coach of the year award. That is given out each year here in Houston. He beat out the guy who beat his team for the NATIONAL TITLE. How does the losing coach win the award? I don't know. Tom Herman was among the finalists and accepted his participant trophy with class. I last emceed this event when Gene Stallings got the lifetime achievement award. Mack Brown got it last night. Mack looks 10 years younger since not having to worry about high rollers expecting him to win the Big ONE every year. Plus, he doesn't have to lose to Alabama and the Aggies in recruiting.

One of the 324 sports talk stations in Houston had a prize caller this week. A guy called the former NF-HELLERS , GREG AND ND ON 790 complaining about no black quarterbacks getting a look with the TEXANS. (HE must have missed B.J. Daniels) I almost drove off  construction heavy I-45 North when the caller complained the Texans should have looked at VINCE YOUNG. NO, STOP IT. Will the madness never end?  I gotta see if that guy is also complaining about not taking REGGIE BUSH. Congrats to JJ Watt for having hernia surgery while wearing his uniform.