Daily Craig: Brylcreem lost the national title game


HOUSTON – (Brylcreem lost)

Remember that old hair cream  BRYLCREEM?  In Clemson I am surprised they didn't sponsor the coach's show..."A little DABO do you, You'll look so debonair".  Dabo Sweeney's team didn't win the NCAA Title game but they sure put on a show. Alabama was favored to win and they did. The game held the TV audience with huge plays, and wouldn't you like to have Deshaun Watson as your Quarterback down the road.?  I have known Nick Saban for many years and have M.C.'D his luncheons at both LSU and 'Bama. I like him a lot and now with 4 titles at Alabama AND 1 at LSU,  who else in the college ranks is better? I called him right after the game to congratulate him. i DON'T HAVE HIS NUMBER but did yell to him outside the back door.

Just when the game ended, I guess the engineer of the BIG TRAIN that runs through Old Town Spring must be a Tide fan. He let the horn go for about 3 straight minutes. Thanks for waking up the dog. Both teams ended their seasons with just 1 loss. Alabama had long forgotten about their loss to Ole Miss. Clemson, or as it's called in South Carolina, CLEMP-SON, will never forget their only loss.

The TEXANS loss still stings and 3 innocent by standers know as Assistant Coaches bit the dust yesterday. It was baseball's version of firing the hitting or pitching coaches. I knew the special teams guy was in trouble, but the other 2? THE HEAD COACH DIDN'T hire the special teams coach, but brought the other 2 with him from PENN ST. He always said how hard working and smart all his coaches were. Just some of them.

For the second year in a row I have turned down a NATIONAL ACTING JOB. As I pointed out last year, I just couldn't deal with that statue of liberty outfit.  I want ch.2's investigative team to look into how robots are showing up in strip centers. I HAVE SEEN IT MYSELF. THE COMPANY with the statue of liberty gimmick is now replacing people with mechanical mannequins That is wrong no matter how big the refund. For one thing, the company won't do the mannequins tax returns. I gotta find my 1099's.