Daily Craig: It's beginning to look a lot like the end

HOUSTON – Chuck Pagano is the coach of the Colts. At least for another week. His team has lost two in a row by 35 points. He, unlike the TEXANS COACH, isn't winning a popularity contest with management. HE, unlike the TEXANS COACH, won't be back next season. Nothing is public, but Chuck is on the way out. His battle with cancer made him a rising star, but losing makes the cancer battle ancient history. His number one QB might practice Wednesday, but most likely won't play.

The Texans QB is out too, but it's not the drop-off the Colts have gone through. Not even close. The AFC SUX has the perfect script. Two losing teams staggering into a game both have to win. I MEAN REALLY HAVE TO WIN.

Nothing suggests either has the advantage unless you count Indy's 13-game win streak against Houston in Indy. The building once known as the Hoosier Dome started the downslide and now they play in LUCAS OIL STADIUM. When I think of oil, Indy generally doesn't come to mind unless it's leaking on the big speedway at 16th and Georgetown IN SPEEDWAY, Indiana. Both THE COLTS AND TEXANS ARE LEAKING OIL. Indy won the first meeting and Andre had quite a game. Now he's an after-thought in both towns.

I don't know if TJ AND JJ can pull this one off. I do know we'll be glued to the sets on Sunday at NOON because we are wired that way. The alternative would be to get excited about the Rockets and the Pacers and I don't see that happening. The best Houston has ever done in the CIRCLE CITY was turned in by A.J. Foyt. Maybe BILL THE COACH should have SUPER TEX on the sideline with him. It couldn't hurt.