Daily Craig: Enough is enough

I have been to Foxboro and I have been to NRG. I vote Foxboro best clam chowder in the press dining room. I WANT THE COMPARISONS TO STOP THERE. l am sick of hearing how Bill O'Brien and company respect the defending SUPER CHAMPS. I know the stories of who worked where and how good buds they were and still are. I would like to see Houston beat the Patriots brains out. Maybe some year they will. Last night was vintage Houston. The town was excited,  ch. 2 broke out the A TEAM and the fans did their part with the largest home crowd in stadium history (71,908) .JJ only needed one hand, right?  No, turned out he needed 3 or perhaps 4. The scary people were in the traveling white jersey tops. No. 12 was No. 12.  The guy wearing 87 was terrific and we learned once again, THE TEXANS DON'T HAVE A TIGHT END WHO CATCH THE DAMN FOOTBALL. The Patriots were smarter and better. They only had to stop 2 Texans. Deandre and J.J. They did. Good thing I knew that in advance or I would be disappointed. 

Al and Chris were the pronouncers and did their best to not start laughing when Houston had the ball. Danny Amendola even gave JJ A SHOVE early. Danny's a local kid who's dad is the A.D. FOR SPRING ISD. Danny had more fun visiting here than JJ had living here. As part of the game package, NBC showed a brief bit of the Friday night H.S. PLAYOFF GAME AT NRG. We should have asked them to keep showing that footage. So where do the locals go from here?  INDY, A place worse for Houston than any other. i BET ANDREW IS BACK FOR THAT ONE.

He would then try to have as much fun as the other Houston area kid did last night. I gotta say one good thing for the town. It looked good on those TV AERIALS. It was ground level that was hard to watch.Even with all the negatives I have laid out the locals are still tied for the lead in a division the ST.LOUIS BROWNS could only dream about.