Daily Craig: I told you so

HOUSTON – So here are the big deals. Carlos Correa is the Rook of the Year. UH sells out final home game vs. Navy. THE ROCKETS Season ended with a loss to Boston. Ok, MAYBE they play some more games. OH YEA, I almost forgot. THE TEXANS BEAT THE BENGALS. I knew they would as soon as I realized I would have the worst Pick em record ever if the Bengals didn't win. I finish the week 3-7. Without question the worst ever since 1066 when I had the Normans. Obviously it was fun even though it wasn't much fun to watch. Hoyer is out, Yates is in, and for the 2nd time in T.J.'S career he beat the Bengals. For much of the game I THOUGHT both teams did a great job of establishing the punt. NOTHING seemed to work until the CATCH by DEANDRE and the fumble by Cincy that clinched it.

Cincy is 8-1 and the Texans are 4-5. Despite the under .500 record several things happened. T.J. Yates is a hero again. Bill O'Brien might stay in town after all and Rick Smith is still the G.M. Deandre Hopkins had one of the catches of the year and JJ Watt broke a MNF record for most mentions ever. All the pre game dudes, including MIKE DITKA picked THE BENGALS. All of them. I like that because I had the Bengals too and that must make me a network dude. Or not. I had to miss a replay of THE BIG BANG THEORY to see the locals
win and I am sure someone in the locker room had to yell.."Bazinga" I know I did. In the process I woke the dog. I had to break it to her the TEXANS HAD WON. Like every other dog, she had Cincy by 3 biscuits. But alot of dogs won this week. I gotta see if I am still allowed to make picks after this week. The only explanation for this ? The Bengals must have thought it was a PLAYOFF GAME.