Daily Craig: Take my week 10, please


HOUSTON – I look forward to tonight's game about the same as looking forward to a full scale audit by our pals at the I.R.S. Tonight I have the Bengals continuing to stay unbeaten by taking apart the team known to many as the TEXANS. It's not that I DON'T HAVE CONFIDENCE in my ability to pick games but this week has been brutal. Who among us thought the Packers would lose to the Lions in Green Bay? Who didn't think DALLAS would end it's ROMO-LESS STREAK against the lowly Bucs? But the killer was PEYTON BEING RELIEVED IN THE 2nd half of the Chiefs taking apart the Broncos in Denver. Almost over night, Manning the Elder has become Matt Schaub. And Wade has lost control of the defense (again). THE RAVENS had their game won but a face mask CALL kept me from chalking up a W.  Then, Arizona , a team I  USUALLY FAVOR won the night game. I OUTSMARTED MYSELF by taking the HOME STANDING SEAHAWKS. Wrong again.Yep, it's been a weird week and tonight will cap it off if HOUSTON WINS. But why would I think that might happen? Please see above.

My picking games in the NF-HELL isn't for money. It's for fun. FAN DUEL without the code word. DRAFTKINGS without the NEW YORK Attorney General. I do it to help my longtime buddy, BILL BALLEZA. He is too busy dealing with events of the day to pick stupid football games. At last count our twosome is in 4th place in the KPRC TV ANCHOR STANDINGS. To make it worse, FRANK is ahead of us. I have lost many things my friends, but never to the weather dude. What's next? Do we fall behind the traffic lady? Will the consumer reporter kick out butt?  IT'S JUST NOT COOL, Y'ALL. Co'mon Bengals, don't put us 6 games behind DOMINIQUE. We are the defending champs but WE ALL KNOW how tough it is to repeat in the NF-HELL. I gotta stop doing this.