Struggling with addiction? Don’t let COVID-19 pandemic get in your way: Experts say you need help now

It doesn’t have to be daunting! Telemedicine can help – don’t delay your treatment

A person standing near some water.
A person standing near some water. (Lukas Rychvalsky/Pexels stock image)

Living through a global pandemic is proving to be challenging at times, not to mention incredibly stressful.

How long will the coronavirus situation last? When will life feel familiar again? No matter where you are in life, we ALL have those questions weighing on the back of our minds.

Despite the fact that some states, including Texas, have started to gradually reopen, things are still far from normal.

If you’ve been drinking more, or crutching on any substance to get you through these uncertain days, know that you’re not alone. Although it’s likely too early to have any hard numbers or data, it seems many adults are imbibing more than usual. But that doesn’t make it OK, especially if you’ve struggled in the past or you’re questioning how much is too much.

Do you depend on a substance such as alcohol?

Alcohol-use disorder continues to be the primary substance abuse treatment issue facing the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that alcohol kills about 88,000 Americans per year through direct and indirect causes, including acute medical diagnoses, accidents due to impairment and other types of injury. If you’re living with alcohol-use disorder, you might have started experiencing the hazards of excessive drinking and alcohol dependency. You don’t want that for yourself.

The time to start fighting back is now, said the experts at Recovery Unplugged, a center for addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation.

Recovery Unplugged is a cool concept: It’s a little different from other rehab facilities. They can help you overcome struggles with drugs, alcohol, opioids specifically, sleeping pills or other stimulants -- but it all comes down to music-based addiction care.