Pool owners, taking care of your backyard paradise just got so much easier

These perks will be music to your ears

A little girl floats in a pool.
A little girl floats in a pool.

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Pool maintenance just got a whole lot easier.

If you own a pool, you know how much work it can be. If you don’t own a pool, maybe you’ve hesitated getting one because you’ve heard how much work it is.

The good news is, pool maintenance is 100 times easier now.

With pool automation, you can have an eye on your equipment, and what it is doing and when — right from your smart device.

Here are four perks that will be music to your ears:

  1. You will be alerted on your device if something goes wrong.
  2. You can then control the system from your device or your outdoor remote.
  3. The design is intuitive, so there’s no need to memorize operating sequences, open and close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats.
  4. You can set WHEN and HOW LONG your system will run, reducing costs while increasing equipment efficiency.

Manning Pool Service, which has been providing pool maintenance and repair for 20 years, can provide you with answers to all your questions about making your life as a pool owner so much easier.

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