These colors, furnishings are trending this season


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Fall seems like the perfect time to add some extra touches around the house, doesn't it?

Even if it's not pumpkins and leaves or snowflakes and snowmen, there are a couple of colors and furnishings that are really making waves right now. 


The first trend that's getting a lot of attention right now is metallic. It makes sense, doesn't it? Add a shiny touch to nearly any room or color and it fits right in. Plus, there's something about metallic that does seem very fall and winter.

Another trending color this season is a new neutral blue with gray undertones. Can we just say, it is quite a chic look. Pair that with metallics and your home will be looking like something straight out of a magazine.

Marble accent tables seem to be a favorite this season, as well. Find a colorful bowl or vase to put on that table and it all comes together beautifully.

Star Furniture found all of these trends and more at the recent High Point Market. Here are some of the other trends making noise this season:

  • All shades of blues and greens. Blue has even made its way into black finishes.
  • An infusion of natural materials such as marble, bone and raffia.
  • Reclaimed wood.
  • Themes
  • Gold and brass, including mixing each with silver.
  • Gold for hardware, and dramatically paired with dark finishes.
  • Dramatic shapes and sizing/proportions.
  • Light wood finishes.
  • Eclectic schemes, as opposed to a lot of matching.

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But we're curious: What's your take on this season's trends?