5 awesomely surprising things about ballet that will floor you

Photo from HoustonBallet.org.
Photo from HoustonBallet.org.

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Ballet is a beautiful and difficult sport. In fact, some people say it is more difficult than football. Who would have thought, right? Well, ballet dancers.

That tidbit might come as a surprise, but these shockingly awesome facts about ballet and its dancers may also catch you off guard.

1. A male ballet dancer lifts more than 1 1/2 tons of ballerinas during a performance.

2. Ballet dancers used to be strictly men, as women weren't allowed to dance in public until the late 1600s.

3. It can take up to 90 hours to make one tutu.

4. When a ballet dancer jumps en pointe, they hold three times their body weight on the tip of their big toe.

5. Some professional dancers may go through 20 pairs of ballet shoes each week.

Another tidbit about professional ballet dancers is that they typically practice 7 1/2 hours each day. At a calorie burn of about 600 per hour, you can imagine how strenuously they are training.

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