How you can sleep cool this summer

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Did you know that for restful, uninterrupted sleep, your body should be anywhere from 65-72 degrees? This sounds hard to do in Texas, but the right mattress can make all the difference.

Experts say when nighttime approaches, it’s natural for our body temperatures to begin dropping --  a signal that it’s time to get some rest. When we keep our room cool, it’s a good way to support our body’s natural instinct to sleep.

What better way to reinforce that than with a mattress with cooling technology?

The Cannes Mattress Line is available in three different feels, which all feature the latest in the technology. The "ice blue" temperature-neutral quilting combined with breathable pocketed coils allows your body to sleep cooler and better.

Can we all agree that finding a way to help our children sleep better will always be welcomed?

Whether for your child or a guest bed, the Berlin Pocketed Coil Mattress is the perfect fit at a price you'll love.

Shop either of these mattresses online and in the showroom. Texas Mattress Makers, which is open on the Fourth of July, can be found in Katy at 5026 East 3rd St. and in downtown Houston at 4619 Navigation Blvd.