Mattress-in-a-box just won't get the job done

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Breaking news – Texas Mattress Makers won’t be rolling-up, folding-over and sucking the air out of their mattresses anytime soon – meaning, we don’t think you should purchase a mattress-in-a-box.

Do you enjoy shopping online? Well that makes two of us! We fully understand that convenience and ease of shopping online. No matter where you are or what else you may have going on – whip out your phone, tablet or computer and within seconds your next bag of dog food is on the way to your front door. Nice, right?

But – we believe – there are exceptions! Here’s what you should consider before you make the final click to purchase your next mattress online:

Soft / Medium / Firm – Other than the actual meaning of the words, it is highly unlikely that you can describe the difference between a ‘soft’, ‘medium’, or ‘firm’ mattress. Why – because there’s an infinite array of differences between each mattress that are dictated by the internal components. Try describing a rainbow to a friend that’s colorblind – you get the point?

Body Type and Build – No one is built just like you. It’s much more than just height and weight. Think about the shape of your body – it’s unique, right? That means if you’re only completing an online quiz to help you select your mattress, there are many elements left out of the equation.

No Time – We understand, you’re busy. But, we believe the decision is important enough to take an hour, visit one of our showrooms and let us fit you to the right mattress. Your mattress is one of the very few things that you use every day. Furthermore, it’s likely the only product that significantly impacts your health, energy and mood. Take the time this week to stop by – if we need to write your boss a note, we will – after all, a good night’s sleep will make you perform better at work.

Did we get your attention? Great – stop by one of our showrooms today located just outside of Downtown or in Katy. Stuck at work – visit us online at texasmattressmakers.com!

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